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Hand Chain Block

Loads from 250 to 5,000 kg
This standard-usage type of hand chain block range is economic, compact and easy to transport. Its design is ideal for construction, assembling and maintenance operations. They are suitable for small and light-weight units. These hoists are equipped with load limiters for enhanced safety, a machined load sheave, and reduction gears to ensure optimised and smoother operation.

Main Characteristics
Compact lifting unit, high performance and modern design with:

  • High strength steel allowing lifting chain, grade 80 alloy steel load chain with galvanised finish for corrosion resistance
  • Complies with standard EN 818, Safety coefficient 4
  • Overload limiting device (except for 250 kg unit)
  • Machined chain sprocket and gears to provide smoother operations
  • Load sheave and reduction gears machined to ensure the most efficient operation
  • Less friction compared to models implementing cast parts
  • Standard lifting height: 3m (other heights available upon request)

Lever Winch

Manually-operated lever winch

Loads from 250 to 3,000 kg
The manually-operated lever winch is designed for hoisting and pulling, particularly adaptable to industrial use. As an essential piece of equipment where space and hook height are restricted, it is suitable for small workshops and delicate building sites due to its easy handling and the multitude of devices it offers.

Main Characteristics

  • High resistance steel load chain
  • Rotating hooks with safety catch
  • Lifting mechanism can be released when unloaded
  • Chromium coating for hoist and lever

Manually-operated lever winch

Loads from 800 to 3,200 kg
The T.L.V. lever winch is suitable for hoisting and traction of loads over long distances. The robust design and high resistance aluminium construction of the TLV makes it a piece of hoisting/pulling equipment that can resist even the toughest working conditions.

Main Characteristics

  • Easy maintenance makes it suitable for all outdoor purposes
  • Hoisting/traction rope delivered as standard with a safety catch
  • Approved equipment that complies with current safety requirements

Hand-Operated Gearing type Winch

Loads from 150 to 3,000 kg

Main Characteristics

  • Automatic brake
  • Extremely rigid frame provides overall robustness
  • Can be declutched under no-load conditions. Able to prevent declutching when the winch is loaded
  • Two fastening planes: 1 horizontal and 1 vertical
  • Captive crank adjusting button
  • Mechanical parts protected by a cataphoresis process


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